Nikarl Siberian Cats  

                   A  Cattery of Love

Nikarl Cats

Ezekeil...a very affectionate lap cat!
Blue Lynx Point

Jolie...Sweet, shy and loving.
Seal Lynx Point

Young Bindi...Docile and sweet, loves to give kisses.
Brown Tabby and White

Beautiful Pavlova...Very loving and devoted!
Seal Golden Lynx Point

Beautiful, sweet Silver Puff
Blue Lynx Point

"Teddie"....Sweet, loving and friendly.
Seal Silver Lynx Point and White

Ponkin...Amorous and Lively!
Seal Golden Lynx Point

Nikitin "Kiki"...Very Loving!
Seal Silver Lynx Point

Unica...A very beautiful and affectionate
Black-Golden Tabby

About Nikarl Cattery

I have been an animal lover all my life...and especially fond of cats, as was my mother, my father and grandparents.  As a young child I aspired to be a veterinarian and an artist.
 I married young and gave birth to my  daughters, returning to college to study art when they were in elementary school.
Throughout my life I was involved in rescuing animals, but the responsibilities of parenting as well as the lack of extra revenue, prevented me from being involved extensively until later in my life after my daughters were raised.   
Then, after almost two decades of full-time cat rescue work with my Project C.A.T.S. (Care About The Strays!), my husband, Carl, and I knew we had to cease the financial, emotional and physical burden...but we knew how difficult this would be for me, as my heart could not say no to a person with a homeless cat. After careful thought and meditation for more than a year --- and reseach into various breeds of cats --- I decided to adopt a Siberian Cat and proceed further into learning more about this magnificent natural breed.  Eventually, Nikarl Siberian Cattery became a reality, but my breeding program is small and home-based.  My cats and kittens have the run of the house at particular times of the day, and they have a very large room furnished with cat furniture, toys, condos, beds and with windows on three sides.  On one side of the room are floor-to-ceiling windows and the cats look out onto a garden area where birds and wild creatures play.  We have so much fun together, the cats and I. 
And the homeless cats?  When one comes my way that a local organization has no room for, I am not able to take him in and expose him to my own cats, so I must board the kitty until I can find a suitable home.  Nonetheless, he receives necessary veterinary care and is prepared for a good home.  A portion of the income from kitten adoption fees, as well as from my portrait paintings, aids in the expenses of rescued cats and kittens.

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